Copper Dog Press a small letterpress shop in the midlands of South Carolina, started from the true love of printing. The founders have over 50 years of printing experience between them and have ink flowing through their veins in lieu of blood. This endeavor was a natural progression for them since their love for the art of printing is so deeply engrained. Letterpress provides a high quality alternative for invitations, identities, and other printed collateral. Each order at Copper Dog is processed with the passion for the beauty of letterpress and the quality they have ensured with all of the years in the printing industry. Printing on antique equipment will have subtle variations in inking, color, impression and position; this is part of what makes this process so unique and special.

What is Letterpress?
Letterpress is a centuries-old relief printing process invented by Johannes Gutenberg and it remained in wide use for books and other uses until the second half of the 20th century. Mostly it involved movable type that had to be set letter for letter. The process (called relief printing) involves letterpress ink on raised portions of the metal type and then it is pressed into paper. Today’s technology allows us to combine digital layout with traditional printing. The designs are digitally-rendered and then made into photopolymer plates (hard plastic). Letterpress printing has an unmistakable impression in the paper, giving a high quality, three-dimensional appearance.

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